Closing Dates for UNISA PGCE Applications, 2023

Closing Dates for UNISA PGCE Applications

The UNISA registration closing date marks the final moment when the online portal is no longer accessible to both new applicants and existing students. This measure is implemented to promote a fair and manageable registration process for administrators and students alike, ultimately contributing to the smooth functioning of the university.

Is there a Deadline for Applications?

  • There is no fixed closing date, but specific qualifications may close for applications if they reach their capacity. Selections occur from December to February, and you will receive the outcome of your application at least two weeks before the registration closing date.
  • Applications submitted after selections will still be processed, but acceptance will depend on meeting admission requirements, availability of space in the qualification, and the registration period status (e.g., applications for 2020 will be processed and referred to the academic department before selection dates).
  • If spaces remain available, later applications will be considered. Once a qualification reaches full capacity, it will be temporarily removed from the online application list until spaces open up based on the registration closing date.

Completion of applications

From 3rd January to 7th March, all admission applications must be completed through the online platform. Regional offices will not offer self-help stations for application submissions.

Keep in mind that admission to a qualification is not guaranteed; it is contingent upon meeting the admission requirements and the availability of space in the desired program.

Application Dates for Various Qualifications at Unisa for 2022

1. Undergraduate Qualifications:

  • The application period for admission to Undergraduate Qualifications, including higher certificates, advanced certificates, diplomas, advanced diplomas, and degrees for the 2023 academic year, will be open from 1st September to 14th October 2022. 
  • During this period, all applications must be submitted online. 
  • This applies to first-time applicants, current Unisa students switching to new qualifications, previous applicants who were not offered a space or accepted an offer but didn’t register, and students completing a higher certificate or other program seeking further undergraduate studies.

2. Honors Degrees & Postgraduate Diplomas:

  • For Honors Degrees and Postgraduate Diplomas, the application window for the 2023 academic year will be from 1st September to 14th November 2022, with an earlier closing date for CTA programs.
  •  In case there are available spaces after the deadline, additional application dates will be announced. 
  • Those eligible to apply include first-time applicants, current Unisa students looking to change qualifications or specializations within their current qualification, and undergraduate students in their final year who wish to pursue postgraduate studies.

3. Master’s & Doctoral Degrees:

  • Applications for Master’s and Doctoral Degrees for the 2023 academic year will be open from 11th September to 14th November 2022. 
  • The eligible candidates include first-time applicants, current Unisa students seeking new qualifications, and students in their final year of a qualification who wish to embark on a Master’s or Doctoral program.
  • Additionally, previously registered Master’s and Doctoral students who did not register for the 2022 academic year but want to continue their studies can also apply during this period.

Note: Ensure to adhere to the specified application dates for the respective qualifications to secure your place at Unisa for the upcoming academic year.

Unisa Closing dates for 2023

UNISA Closing Dates for this Year

 Semester 1

1-Undergraduate and Honors

The closing date for first semester registration for undergraduate qualifications, honors degrees and postgraduate diplomas has been extended to 10 February 2023 hence applications for honors, undergraduate and postgraduate are closed now. 

Under the term “Undergraduate Application,” you are applying for enrollment in any of the following programs at Unisa:

Unisa Higher Certificate
– Unisa Diploma
– Unisa Bachelor’s Degree
– B.Tech Degree
Postgraduate Certificate in Education (PGCE)

The duration of semester modules is determined by a mandatory minimum tuition period of 15 weeks, while year modules follow a minimum tuition period of 30 weeks.

Semester 2

1-Undergraduate and Honors Registration

The semester 2 registration for undergraduate diplomas qualifications will be open from 3rd July, 2023 and  close on 28th July 2023. Note that this is valid for semester modules only.

  • After your application gets approved, you need to complete the registration
  •  process during the early 2023 registration period. For additional details, please refer to Unisa’s application website:  and Unisa’s registration website: 

2-Short learning programs registration 

The semester 2 registrations for short learning programs at UNISA will be available from 22nd May, 2023 to 28th July, 2023. 

  • Select your desired Short Learning Programme (SLP) and review the necessary requirements. 
  • Make sure to take note of the college offering the SLP to easily access the application portal during your application process.
  •  If you have any questions, direct them to [email protected] Applying for your preferred Short Learning Programme can be done conveniently through the online application process.

3-Masters and Doctoral Qualifications 


Registration for Semester 2 of MBA and MBL qualifications will be available from 3rd July 2023 and will close on 28th July 2023, exclusively for semester modules.

During the extended application period, if you cannot find a specific qualification listed in the drop-down menu, it indicates that the said qualification is currently unavailable for application.


The duration of year modules must adhere to the required minimum tuition period of 30 weeks. For master’s degrees by coursework, second-semester registrations are not applicable, as all modules are considered year modules.

Registration Dates/Time period

  • The registration process is organized differently for different semesters and year modules. For the first semester (semester 1), registration occurs in January. As for the second semester (semester 2), the registration period spans from mid-June to mid-July.
  • For year modules, the registration window is open from January to March, but please be aware that there are exceptions to this timeframe. Specifically, postgraduate diplomas and certain honors qualifications offered by the College of Accounting Sciences may have different registration schedules.
  • During registration periods, it is essential to carefully follow the guidelines provided by the institution to ensure a smooth and successful registration process. 
  • These specific registration timelines are put in place to facilitate an efficient and organized enrollment procedure, allowing students to plan their studies effectively and pursue their chosen courses or programs.

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