How Much does NSFAS Pay for Accommodation?

How Much does NSFAS Pay for Accommodation

The university locates buildings that are ideal for student living. Rental payments can be aided by donor/sponsor assistance (particularly NSFAS). NSFAS provides more than just aid with tuition. You will also be reimbursed for your student housing, registration, and transportation. It will also pay for books, study materials, and so forth. 

What Are the Accommodation Requirements for NSFAS Accredited Organizations?

A number of colleges and universities provide off-campus student housing. However, the institutions are responsible for a few variables. It mostly focuses on off-campus private student housing. 

The College of University Affairs releases off-campus housing guidelines and norms. Off-campus housing must adhere to the rules. The rules are identical irrespective of whether off-campus student housing consists of single or double (shared) student accommodations. It is also relevant to high-density housing, such as dorms. In summary, NSFAS-approved accommodation criteria are divided into three major sections:

  • Location
  • Rental Amount for Student Housing Services Paperwork
  • It must be both safe and favorable to learning.


NSFAS certification mandates that student housing be located within 20 kilometers of the university. As a result, NSFAS-accredited accommodations that meet this criterion must be approved by the State Department of Higher Education. A higher education institution or off-campus residential complex should also provide frequent transit. Furthermore, transport must be accessible from the morning until the end of the day. 

Rooms for Students

Rooms for single students must be no less than 9 square meters in size. In the meantime, rooms for students should be at least 12 square meters in size. The following conditions must be met by students’ lodgings. It will aid in the creation of a learning surroundings:

  • Desk for studying in bed
  • Chair Study Light
  • Certification is required for free WiFi in common kitchens.  

 A student housing block must receive the necessary certification. The permission involves institutions, organizations, and the city. Certificates must be updated annually to keep kids safe. This includes the following:

  • Compliance Certificate
  • Electricity 
  • Protection Procedures 

Amount of Rent   

NSFAS also has some rules regarding the rental amount. Rent for off-campus student accommodation must be identical to what the institution charges for a comparable room. Furthermore, it ought not to cost more than college tuition or TVET. There is also a requirement for a dwelling that is more than 5 kilometers away from the institute. The rental fee must additionally include the expenses of transportation. 

Safe and Suitable for Learning

It is critical that the home provide for the residents safety. Furthermore, kids should feel at ease in their surroundings and get an appropriate teaching atmosphere. Furthermore, the institutions inspect the lodgings on a regular basis to ensure that everything is in order.

Inadequate Personal Accommodation Petition

Please keep in mind that no refund will be issued as long as the request is valid. Please see the subsequent link for further information on the cause of your incomplete status:

Please finish your request and upload each document to confirm that the documents supplied are complete. The process duplicates all already submitted papers with the arrival of subsequent documents, so you have to upload every record.

Closing date for private accommodation applications 

These students can apply for the travel allowance using their Student-Self Service account. Applications will be accepted beginning March 9 and will conclude on August 31, 2023

Payment mode

Fundi will deposit private housing allowance payments into the student’s bank account. As the tenant of the accommodation, it is your obligation to reimburse the property owner.

If your individual accommodation proposal is granted by the 25th day of the month, you will be paid through your get-settled date until the first working day of the subsequent month.


For questions about your NSFAS private housing application, please email or call Financial Aid at either of the following locations or phone numbers:

Bloemfontein campus 

Email address: [email protected]

Contact number: 051-401-3955

Qwaqwa campus 

Email address: [email protected]

Contact number: 058-718-5200

South campus

Email address: [email protected]

Contact no:051-401-3955

NSFAS private accommodation requirements 

The “Parent/Guardian Permanent Address” does not match the address on the uploaded document.

The address you gave as your residence on the online form must match what is shown on the record that you supplied as verification of your residential location.

Submit a written statement from your parent’s side explaining the surname discrepancy.

When you give confirmation of your home location and your parent’s or guardian’s name is different than yours, you must include an affidavit explaining the surname discrepancy. There is no verification that the data you gave is that of your parents/guardians minus the confirmation.

The sum is not in accordance with the agreement.

Your recurring rent payment on your personal residence petition must be the same as the amount specified in your leasing agreement. 

The “Transfer in date” is different from the agreement.

The move-in date you indicated on your own personal accommodations applications must match the start date in your associated leasing arrangement.

The “Transfer out date” is in contradiction to the agreement.

The move-out date on your private property petition must match the date of evacuation in your accompanying agreement.

The agreement document that was uploaded is not suitable.

Only a properly executed leasing arrangement will be considered. If you and the landlord do not have a rental agreement, please utilize the lease agreement available on the UFS website:


Financial aid 

Residential lease agreement 

The submitted papers have certification dates that are more than three months old.

The certification or downloaded papers (proof of residence) need to be no more than three months old.

Please go to the local police station or Safety Resources on campus to get your papers certified and uploaded again.

The papers that have been submitted have not been validated.

Documents you provide with your personal lodging applications (proof of address, for example) should be verified. The documentation should be under three months old.

The submitted papers are more than three years old.

Proof of residence must not be older than three months. Kindly provide documentation of your home residence with an approximate time within three weeks of the day you submitted your private housing registration.

Please include the landlord’s municipal checkbook as evidence of ownership.

The local government account is asked to certify that the rental properties in question belong to the owner who completed the lease with the student.

The submitted proof of residence for parents/guardians is invalid.

The evidence of residence must be a genuine document verifying your residence (e.g., an account).

Both parties must sign the lease arrangement.

The lease contract must be signed by both the landlords and the student in question before it can be uploaded as part of your own personal apartment registration. Please keep in mind that you are not authorized to sign as the agent of your landlords.

The landlord’s details were wrongly recorded.

In the event that you are residing in non-accredited housing, you must collect your landlord’s phone number. The above data should match the details on the contract that you supplied with your private housing application.

Attach an official document from the property owner stating that subletting is permitted.

When subletting, certification from the property owner is required to certify that leasing is permitted.


Please keep in mind that the aforementioned inadequate causes are the most prevalent and are presented first. In some situations, the Financial Aid Coordinator who analyzes your individual housing application may add additional reasons. Please call or visit your local financial aid office if you have any questions.

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