My NSFAS Wallet | Receive NSFAS Funds Directly in Wallet

My NSFAS Wallet Receive NSFAS Funds Directly in Wallet

NSFAS applicants are the only ones who may use the NSFAS Wallet. NSFAS offers students a wallet that allows them to withdraw cash and spend it at any NSFAS-registered institution. 

NSFAS-funded students who are considered for direct NSFAS funds are going to get cash payments in their NSFAS wallets

What exactly is an NSFAS wallet?

When you submitted an application for NSFAS financing, you had to create a student account on the NSFAS portal. If you hadn’t yet established one, you’d have to establish one with your username and password. The same login information may be used to gain control over your NSFAS wallet. The NSFAS wallet is a virtual tool that enables candidates to check the status of their application and see the amount of money they have been granted after submitting an approved application.

How to make an account on NSFAS Wallet?

To receive funds for the forthcoming academic year as an NSFAS-funded applicant, you must make an account for your NSFAS wallet. Here’s how it’s done:

  • Create your NSFAS wallet at
  • An SMS will be sent to introduce you to the NSFAS wallet.
  • To validate the account, open the text and enter *120*176#.
  • Respond with your ID Number
  • You will receive your NSFAS wallet pin.

How to check the balance of NSFAS wallet?

How can I get on the UJ Nsfas granted list

You can check the amount of money in your NSFAS wallet in a couple of ways. Check using your mobile phone or online.

On your mobile device:

  • Enter this code *120*176#
  • Enter your login information.
  • View the current cash balance and activities.

On the website:

  • Enter this address into your search bar:
  • Log in by entering your mobile number and username and hitting the Login button.
  • Select Activities.
  • Examine the balance.

How to Get Cash From Your NSFAS Wallet:

Applicants must often create money vouchers, also referred to as NSFAS eWallet vouchers, for further cash withdrawals at approved shop locations in order to receive those amounts. 

Creating money vouchers is a sequence of actions that may be completed using the NSFAS code or its online portal.

To generate vouchers using the code approach, do the following steps:

  • Enter *120*176#.
  • Enter your NSFAS Wallet login credentials.
  • Choose ‘Cash Voucher’ from the list that appears.
  • Enter the amount you want to withdrawal.
  • Your created voucher will be displayed on the screen.

The money voucher is created via the online platform by performing the following steps:

  • Connecting to
  • Sign in to your NSFAS Wallet account by entering the account’s username and password.
  • Choose ‘Pay’ on the screen.
  • Fill in the amount you want and select ‘Done.’

It is important to know that money vouchers are not subject to expiration dates. A money voucher, in simple terms, never runs out after an age. If the money voucher’s cash value is not completely depleted, the remainder is restored to the applicant’s NSFAS wallet.

With a money voucher, one can withdraw money from a shop location that has been NSFAS-accredited. For withdrawals, present a money voucher obtained previously and mention your preferred withdrawal amount.  

How much cash can be withdrawn from the NSFAS wallet?

Withdrawals made to the NSFAS Wallet are limited to 1000 South African Rand each day. The limit is intended to encourage cautious expenditures among assistance recipients. In simple terms, if you surpass the limit, you have to wait a whole day before withdrawing from your wallet.

Advantages of the NSFAS Wallet:

The NSFAS Wallet has various benefits that have transformed the way funding is distributed to South African students. These benefits are as follows:

Swift and Direct Fund Allocation: 

Among the most important advantages of the NSFAS Wallet is its capacity to avoid administrative obstacles and provide on-time financial aid delivery. The NSFAS Wallet guarantees that applicants get the cash they need on time by immediately putting funds into their e-wallet. This allows them to cover their educational expenditures on time. This reduces the need for applicants to line up for checks or go through long paperwork, improving their entire experience and lowering financial stress.

Convenience and availability: 

The NSFAS Wallet offers applicants an intuitive system that can be accessed via cell phones, making managing their finances extremely simple. Applicants may simply check their balances, examine transaction records, and receive updates regarding money distributions using the wallet. This ease of access gives applicants more control over their monetary aid, allowing for better choice-making and planning to ensure cash is used properly.

Reduced Illegal Activity and Misuse: 

The NSFAS Wallet includes strong security measures to protect applicants’ finances and private details. Data encryption, two-factor authentication, and systems that identify fraud are among the increased security measures available on online platforms, lowering the danger of theft and unauthorized activities. The NSFAS Wallet guarantees that financial help reaches the intended users by reducing the risk of scams and misuse. This improves the program’s authenticity and efficacy.

In general, the NSFAS Wallet benefits improve the educational experience, boost financial awareness, and streamline budget allocation. The NSFAS Wallet empowers applicants, minimizes administrative costs, and encourages financial accountability by adopting technological advances, thereby improving the access and achievement of higher education in South Africa.


To summarize, the NSFAS wallet is a fantastic service for students. An NSFAS funding account is more efficient than a bank account. The best aspect is that it is completely free, so you aren’t going to be charged for any purchases.

The NSFAS Wallet not only allows for prompt cash distribution but also acts as a driver for higher education’s digital evolution. As this innovative system develops, it has the ability to effect good change and redefine the current state of student financial assistance in the country, resulting in a more fair and successful destiny for all.

After all, students must repay the money they borrowed once they have completed their education; it is similar to loans, so why add to it when you can obtain it for free?

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