NSFAS Accredited Accommodation

NSFAS Accredited Accommodation

South African owners and tenants enquire about the standards for NSFAS-accredited housing. This information may have an impact on new tenants’ certification procedures if they have no knowledge of it. It also makes it more difficult to locate NSFAS-approved accommodation for students in South Africa. 

Considering the accommodations needed for NSFAS certification provides some additional advantages. If you’re looking for lodgings that are NSFAS-accredited as well, you may quickly do a search using the university’s name and the area. Let’s attempt to comprehend what NSFAS-accredited accommodation standards are. 

What Conditions Must Be Met for NSFAS Accredited Accommodations?

The institution chooses structures that are appropriate for students’ housing. Rental payments may be aided with NSFAS financing. NSFAS offers a lot more than just assistance with tuition costs. You will also get money for your travel, enrollment, and housing costs as a student. Additionally, it will cover the cost of textbooks and other study aids. 

Many academic institutions provide accommodation for students outside of campus. Nevertheless, a few things are handled by the institutions.

For housing outside of campus, the administration of Educational Institutions establishes criteria and guidelines. Accommodations outside of campus must to adhere to the rules. The rules are equivalent to whether accommodations outside of campus for students consist of single or shared rooms. It also applies to lodging with a high occupancy rate, such as dorms.

The six key parts that make up the NSFAS approved accommodations standards are as follows:


Student housing must be located no more than 20 km from the institution in order to receive NSFAS approval. Therefore, NSFAS-accredited accommodations above this level require approval from the Ministry of Educational Institutions. A university facility for students must also offer regular transit. Additionally, transit needs to be accessible all day long, starting in the morning. 

A student’s dorm:

Dorms in single-occupancy student housing need to be no less than 9 square feet in size. Student accommodations must be at least 12 square meters in size. The following specifications must be met by the lodgings for students. It will support the development of an atmosphere for learning by:

  • Bed
  • study table
  • Chair
  • good lightenings
  • totally free internet access
  • Basic kitchen accessories 

Documentation Needed: 

A facility hosting students should get the necessary licenses. The necessary institutions, organizations, and city authorities have given their consent. Permits must be updated annually to keep kids safe. 

Rental Cost:

NSFAS has various regulations as well as regard the rental payment. Rent for outside-of-campus student accommodation should be equal to what the institution would charge for a comparable room. Additionally, it shouldn’t charge more than a university.

A rule also applies to homes that are over 5 km away from the educational institute. The expense for travel must be included in the rental price in that situation. 

Safe and Suitable for Education:

The security of the residents must be guaranteed by the dwelling. Additionally, students should like their housing and have a conducive learning atmosphere. The educational institutions also conduct routine inspections of the lodgings to be sure the entire thing is running well. 

Where to get lodging that has NSFAS accreditation?

If you’re looking for NSFAS-accredited housing, you should start by contacting higher education institutions facilities. Student housing outside of the campus that satisfies accreditation requirements has been accredited by these universities. Off-campus housing for students and housing approved by the institution of higher learning automatically earns NSFAS accreditation.

Where to get lodging that has NSFAS accreditation

In reality, higher education organizations and institutions are the ones who accredit outside-of-campus student housing, not NSFAS. An institution’s NSFAS recognition might be revoked if it fails to satisfy the requirements. Consequently, NSFAS does not cover off-campus lodging.

NSFAS registration for your lodging properties:

Accommodation vendors can register and put their accommodations on the NSFAS student housing portal to be eligible for NSFAS consumers.

Once logged in, lodging providers may advertise their properties by supplying the names, addresses, and photos of each property. In order to confirm that the accommodations are appropriate for student living, NSFAS will subsequently get in touch with them in order to deploy a team of professionals to inspect and evaluate them.

  • Click on this link:
  • Select the option of “Click Here” to go on the registration page, if you are a lodging provider and would want to list your properties for NSFAS consumers.
  • Fill up the required box and register yourself. 
  • Then you need to create a new account. For that, they will ask your registration type, which is accommodation provider. After that, you need to mention your type of accommodation provide. Then they will ask for Identity, Contact, and Email details for whatever accommodation provider type you select.

These are the questions you are required to answer, and you are done with registration.

What Is the Value of NSFAS Accredited Housing?

Only 10% of the beds offered by the 50 TVET public institutions in South Africa were accessible, based on a survey by the Ministry of Education. It is clear that there is a lack of student housing given the large number of applicants for these openings.

University dormitories are also in limited supply, despite the fact that more students need them. Because of this, numerous college candidates prefer to live in private apartments rather than dorms.

The National Student Financial Aid Scheme offers entirely subsidized financing to students who satisfy certain criteria and study at public institutions of higher learning. When choosing students to reside in private accommodations, each institution has its own rules and procedures.


NSFAS-accredited housing criteria might be an important idea for owners and tenants to remember. Especially for individuals looking for student housing close to Gauteng, being aware of the prerequisites in advance might make the process go more quickly and smoothly.

Now that you are completely equipped, let Campus Africa help you find NSFAS-accredited housing!

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