NSFAS Vacancies

NSFAS job vacancies

The National Social Security Administration is a market leader in the African nation. Many Southern Africans wish to find employment with the National Student Financial Aid On an annual basis, NSFAS has a large number of employment openings. This would be an ideal career for South Africans.

In a given year, many individuals compete for the opportunities available at the National Secondary School, but only a few are satisfied. NSFAS will again hire a large number of people for the coming year. This information is critical for applicants who have been meticulously prepared for the National Social Security Administration’s recruiting for an extended period of time.

Why do youth need this opportunity?

What are the benefits of working at the NSFAS site? The National Social Security Administration is a forward-thinking organization that values its people. NSFAS professionals receive a highly competitive wage contract. Aside from that, NSFAS provides its workers with a weeklong break. The NSFAS provides a fantastic work atmosphere. You will also receive an advantage on an annual basis. As a result, you ought to be functioning in NSFAS.

NSFAS Job Vacancies are Available 

The following vacancies are available, which are listed below:

1. Chief audit executive final

POSITION Chief audit executive 
TYPE 5 years fixed term contract
OPENING DATE 10 june 2023 
CLOSING DATE 23 june 2023
DEPARTMENT Core business, Quality assurance 
LOCATIONCape town 

Minimum requirements 

  • National Qualification Framework 8 Assurance Qualifications as well as a validated audit-related credential (e.g., CA(SA)and CIA).
  • Excellent MS Packaged Collection knowledge in computers
  • A basic understanding of the Pension Fund Management Act and Governmental Entity norms
  • Understanding of the college and university-industry, the National Scholarship and Financial Aid Act, NCA from the bank, and PFMA.
  • Previous experience in middle leadership involving multiple groups
  • A minimum of fifteen years of expertise in internal auditing Leadership and management, including at least 5 years as the executive of upper management.
  • Membership in a professional organization is required.
  • Understanding of leadership, risk administration, and business performance monitoring concepts.
  • Previous experience interacting with a variety of interests
  • Good understanding of higher level education


  • Development of Policies, Systems, which are and Procedures
  • Put all internal inspection procedures, accountability papers, and assessment procedure documentation into action.
  • Create ( the ITA statement in line with Auditor Technique Part 9.
  • Guarantee that examinations & inspection responsibilities are carried out in line with Accounting Technique Part 10
  • Use appropriate principles according to the extent of employment. 

Objective implementation 

  • Establish and monitor key indicators of success (also referred to as KPIS and tactical plans for the entire department.
  • To work with the risk, legal , and overall Accountability executive to improve the organization’s overall objectives & achievements.
  •  Create requirements for any needed external support (including IT audits within the company and institutionalized reviews).
  • Function as the interface with other accountants in collaboration with upper financial executive leadership.
  • Conduct audits in accordance with the requirements of the Internal Auditor Methodologies, including the scoping process, problematic statement and hypothesis formulation, testing methodologies, sample, and primary information, and examination findings.

Skills and competencies 

  • Sensitivity to stress 
  •  Personal interactions.
  • Management.
  •  Perseverance.
  • Self-sufficiency.
  •  Imaginative and effective management.
  • managing resources, which includes human resources as well as performance monitoring.
  •  Establishing interpersonal connections.
  •  Making decisions and having effective thinking abilities.
  • Forming important associations and collaborations.
  •  Positive emotional growth

https://www.nsfas.org.za/content/vacancies/Recruiting%20Profile%20Chief%20Audit%20Executive%  20final%2020230610.pdf

This is the link to the recruiting profile for chief suit executive, so if you have any questions, you can check out the link. 

2. Senior manager application support

Position Application support/core business 
Department 10 June 2023 
Vacancy 11/2022-2023
Location Cape town 
Opening date 23 June 2023
Closing date 23 june 2023

Minimum requirements 

  • Level 8 qualification in business premises, authorized, corporate administration, information technology, or a comparable field of study.
  • Advanced MS Packaged Suite understanding 
  • Driver’s licence
  •  A minimum of ten years of broad operations knowledge, 5 of which must have been at the level of seniority.
  • Comprehensive project administration skills 
  •  Expert understanding of the university-industry 
  • Implementation Administration Projects knowledge


  • In accordance with a focused on learners paradigm, establish, monitor, and administer the National Social Security Administration policy(ies), recommendations, and protocols spanning a number of division specialisations.
  • To better the learner’s experience, handle the procedures related to applications and assessment, appealing, disabilities, individual account administration, and exclusions.
  • Manage the NSFAS assistance initiatives to maximize learner for students.
  • Managing stakeholder’s difficulties arising from the software reinforces the value chain.
  • Handle the management and create tools to track the commencement of recurring assistance for application initiatives. 

Skills required 

  • Proactive and forward-thinking
  • Communication Skills 
  • Analytical Thinking 
  • Skills for Presentation 
  • Goal achieving Capabilities 
  • Consultative and Campaigning Ability 
  • Systems Administration and Technical Expertise 
  • Management of Stakeholders 
  •  Employee Manager

https://www.nsfas.org.za/content/vacancies/Recruiting%20Profile%20Senior%20Manager%20Applications%  20Support%20Final%2020230610.pdf

This is the link to the recruiting profile for senior managers, so if you have any questions, you can check out the link. 

3. Senior manager data management services

Position Senior manager 
Type Permanent 
Vacancy 17/2022-2023
Unit ICT, data management 
Opening date 10 june 2023
Closing date 23 june 2023

Minimum experience 

  • NQF 7th level certification in Technological innovation, in Information Systems, or a comparable credential
  • At least ten decades of ICT expertise, including a minimum of five years of work in a specialized job requiring database resource.
  •  architectures and computer development.
  • Demonstrated expertise in managing and directing difficult and big data related initiatives.
  •  Demonstrated capability to link knowledge management to company revenue and processes.
  • Expertise in supervising the planning, completion, and management of data systems with embedded oversight and regulation
  • Knowledge of subdomain topologies, authorization of users, and digitally signed documents is required. 
  • Knowledge of relational structures 
  • Knowledge of data management, architecture, and construction Management of data, rules, and processes expertise

Core objective 

  • Techniques and protocols for real-time verification of data quality must be developed and implemented.
  • To clean up the information and records of queries for examination.
  • Set an approach and manage a team of BI researchers in the planning, creation, and ongoing operation of indicators, news accounts, analytics, and widgets for business intelligence at scale.
  • To assist with the delivery and design for fresh portfolio or enterprise-level metrics and submitting reports, as well as to collaborate with other parts of the Knowledge System to identify needs for data storage facility additions as needed.
  • Responsible for leading the IT Data Managed Services team in achieving exceptional levels of quality, requirements, and functioning as described in discussed and agreed-upon contract terms, performance level variables, or agreements.

Skills and competencies 

  • Communication Skills 
  • Analytical Thinking 
  • Skills for Presentation 
  • Goal achieving Capabilities 
  • Imaginative and effective management.
  • Managing resources, which includes human resources as well as performance monitoring.
  •  Establishing interpersonal connections
  • Adapting to evolving circumstances by managing stakeholders and customers
  • Project administration abilities 
  • Administrative abilities 
  •  Skills for communication 
  • Moral principles orientation


This is the link to the recruiting profile for senior manager data management services , so if you have any questions, you can check out the link. 

4. Senior manager quality assurance

Position Senior manager assurance 
Type Permanent 
Department Core business 
Opening date 10 june 2023 
Closing date 23 june 2023

Maximum requirement 

  • NQF Level 8 qualification in business premises, computer science, auditing, accounting or an associated sector
  • Moderate MS Packaged Suite knowledge of computers
  • 10 years of work expertise in quality monitoring or auditing, including at least five of these years at the leadership level.
  • Dealing with the understanding of Testing legitimate norms and practices.  
  • Experience dealing with huge amounts of data and analyzing it.


  • The National Qualifications Framework The 9th level in Business or a related discipline
  • Excellent MS Packaged Suite comprehension of computers 
  • Driver’s license
  • a total of fifteen years of work expertise in the quality assurance, at least Seven of which ought to have been at the executive level. 
  •  Solid understanding of Ia societal norms and processes.

Skills and competencies 

  • Proactive and forward-thinking
  • Personality traits 
  •  Data Acquisition and Analysis 
  • Communication abilities 
  • managing projects
  •  Goal-oriented abilities 
  • Consultative and effective advocacy 
  •  Computer skills and IT aptitude 
  •  Stakeholder leadership skills


This is the link to the recruiting profile for senior manager quality assurancee, so if you have any questions, you can check out the link. 

5. Recruiting profile student manager

Position Student accounts 
Department Core business 
Location Cape town
Opening date 10 june 2023
Closing date 23 june 2023 
Type Permanent 

Minimum reqirement 

  • The National Qualifications Framework 7th level qualification in business-related; it finances, computer system investigation, or business administration.
  •  Moderate MS Packaged Suite proficiency in computers
  • Page 4 out of 5
  • A valid licence for driving.
  • 10 years of accounting or finance experience is required, with an absolute minimum of 5 years at the leadership level.
  • Previous experience understanding monetary systems including accounting because as well as shown proficiency in procedures for operation.


Advancement of Policies, Systems, and Procedures

  • To study, establish, and administer the National Student Financial Assistance System policies, recommendations, and processes for student confirmation documents including membership administration.

Establishment of Fundamental Objectives for Strategy

  • Contribute to the evaluation as well as the creation of the trainee’s handling unit business plan and operations objectives for the unit’s successful and efficient functioning.
  • Opening Position Description and Recruiter Profile
  • To guarantee that educational accounts are verified and maintained in compliance with the National Social Security Administration operational guidelines.
  • Ensuring that registration applications correspond to funding guidelines and organisational information security requirements and practises.
  • Contribute to the organisational essential company calendar, which aids in the creation of core company-wide solutions.
  • To deal with every scenario in a manner that is proactive.

Skills and competencies 

  •  Critical thinking abilities 
  • Abilities to solve issues 
  • Capacity for decision-making 
  •  Capacity for negotiation 
  • Communication skills Leadership

https://www.nsfas.org.za/content/vacancies/Recruiting%20Profile%20Manager%20Student%20Accounts%20Final%  2020230610.pdf

This is the link to student account manager recruiting, so you can easily go through the file for particular information.

Other NSFAS job opportunities NSFAS employs young people. Young people whose work has completed matriculation / 12th grade may submit applications for the staff member, peon, and additional positions in this university. Aside from that, graduate pass applicants can participate in the NSFAS internship programs. Graduates, as well as graduates with advanced degrees, can also apply for large positions. As a whole, NSFAS delivers employment opportunities in all areas.

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