physiotherapy salary in south africa


Physiotherapy is a healthcare profession that involves the treatment and management of physical impairments, disabilities, and movement disorders. It plays a crucial role in promoting wellness and improving the quality of life for individuals of all ages. If you are considering a career in physiotherapy in South Africa, it is essential to understand the salary prospects and the factors that can influence your earnings.

Factors influencing physiotherapy salary

Several factors can have an impact on the salary potential of physiotherapists in South Africa. These factors include:

  • Experience: As with any profession, experience plays a significant role in determining salary. Physiotherapists with more years of experience tend to earn higher salaries compared to those who are just starting their careers.
  • physiotherapy salary in south africa

  • Specialization: Physiotherapists can choose to specialize in various areas such as sports rehabilitation, neurology, pediatrics, or orthopedics. Specializing in a particular field can increase your earning potential as there is often a higher demand for specialized services.
  • Employment setting: The type of healthcare facility or organization you work for can also influence your salary. Physiotherapists employed in private practices or specialized clinics may have higher earning potential compared to those working in public healthcare settings.
  • Location: The location where you practice can impact your salary. Physiotherapists working in major cities or affluent areas tend to earn higher salaries compared to those working in rural or underserved areas.

Physiotherapy salary in South Africa

The salary range for physiotherapists in South Africa can vary depending on the factors mentioned above. On average, entry-level physiotherapists can expect to earn around ZAR 250,000 to ZAR 350,000 per year. With a few years of experience, this figure can increase to approximately ZAR 400,000 to ZAR 600,000 per year.

Specialized physiotherapists, particularly those working in sports rehabilitation or orthopedics, can earn higher salaries ranging from ZAR 600,000 to ZAR 800,000 per year. However, it is important to note that these figures are just estimates, and actual salaries may vary depending on individual circumstances.

Job outlook for physiotherapists in South Africa

The job outlook for physiotherapists in South Africa is generally positive. With an aging population and an increased focus on health and wellness, the demand for physiotherapy services is expected to grow. This growth in demand can create more job opportunities for physiotherapists, potentially leading to improved salary prospects.

Furthermore, advancements in medical technology and research may also contribute to the expansion of the field, resulting in increased demand for specialized physiotherapy services.


Physiotherapy is a rewarding profession that offers opportunities to make a positive impact on people’s lives. While salary is an important consideration, it should not be the sole determining factor in pursuing a career in physiotherapy. Factors such as job satisfaction, passion for helping others, and personal growth should also be taken into account.

If you are passionate about improving physical wellbeing and are considering a career in physiotherapy, South Africa offers promising prospects. By gaining experience, specializing in a particular field, and seeking opportunities in high-demand areas, you can enhance your earnings potential as a physiotherapist in South Africa.

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