Rob Hersov Net Worth

Rob Hersov is a South African-born entrepreneur and businessperson known for his achievements in the investment and travel industries. With years of experience and numerous successful ventures under his belt, he has amassed an impressive net worth through his strategic investments and entrepreneurial endeavors.

Full name: Robert Hersov
Net Worth:$1 Billion
Nationality:South African
Occupation:Entrepreneur, Investor & Executive

Early Life and Education

Born and raised in South Africa, Rob Hersov developed a keen interest in business and economics from a young age. He pursued his passion by obtaining a Bachelor’s degree in Economics from the University of Cape Town, further bolstering his understanding of financial markets and investment strategies.

rob hersov net worth

Founding and Leading Businesses

After completing his education, Hersov embarked on his entrepreneurial journey by founding numerous successful businesses. One of his notable ventures is the Marquis Jet Europe, where he served as the Founder and Executive Chairman. The company introduced a novel concept of fractional jet ownership, revolutionizing the private aviation industry and attracting high-profile clients. This venture ultimately led to the acquisition of Marquis Jet Europe by NetJets, a prominent player in the private jet industry.

In addition to his achievements in the aviation sector, Hersov has also made significant contributions to the travel industry. He founded the luxury travel club, Exclusive Resorts, which offered members access to a portfolio of stunning vacation properties around the world. The innovative concept earned him accolades and further solidified his reputation as a forward-thinking entrepreneur.

Entrepreneurial Investments

Rob Hersov’s success extends beyond his businesses as he has made lucrative investments in various industries. His diverse investment portfolio includes holdings in technology, hospitality, and real estate sectors.

Hersov has recognized the potential of emerging technology early on and has invested in promising startups in the tech industry. As an astute investor, he has benefited from the rapid growth and success of several tech companies, contributing to the growth of his net worth.

Furthermore, Hersov has indulged in ventures within the hospitality and real estate sectors. He has identified profitable opportunities in luxury resorts and hotels, acquiring properties in sought-after locations around the world. His strategic investments have led to the development of high-end vacation destinations, catering to affluent travelers seeking exclusive experiences.

Philanthropy and Giving Back

Besides his entrepreneurial pursuits, Rob Hersov is also dedicated to making a positive impact in society. He actively participates in philanthropic initiatives and endeavors to give back to the community.

Supporting education and assisting underprivileged communities are among Hersov’s philanthropic priorities. He believes in the transformative power of education and has contributed to educational institutions and organizations that focus on providing access to quality education to those in need.

Moreover, Hersov has been involved in projects aimed at wildlife conservation and environmental awareness. Recognizing the importance of preserving the natural world, he advocates for sustainable practices and contributes to initiatives that protect endangered species and their habitats.


Rob Hersov’s journey as an entrepreneur and investor has been characterized by innovation, vision, and success in various industries. Through his groundbreaking ventures and astute investments, he has accumulated a substantial net worth. However, beyond financial achievements, Hersov’s dedication to philanthropy reminds us of the importance of giving back and making a positive impact in society.

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