TEFL Course at UNISA | Teaching English as a Foreign Language Certification

TEFL Course at UNISA | Teaching English as a Foreign Language Certification

UNISA University of South Africa is one of the best graduate universities that give students exposure to innovation and research. It is the largest open distance university in Africa. It is ranked number 53 in the Young University Rankings 2023. If you are seeking a career in TEFL, the TEFL Course  UNISA provides you with necessary training and expertise to embark on a rewarding journey as an English Language educator. 

Unlock Global Opportunities with a TEFL Course at UNISA

Unlock Global Opportunities with a TEFL Course at UNISA

You can change your career from more than 200 world-class degrees that allow you to gain knowledge and experience to the highest levels. At UNISA you are offered a TEFL Course to enable you to learn and teach English. TEFL or Teaching English as a Foreign Language is in high demand across the global world. 

It is an English certification course that provides training to individuals who want to teach English to non-native speakers. The course equips teachers with the necessary skills and knowledge to effectively teach English in diverse cultural and linguistic settings.

TEFL Trained Experts

Our dedicated and experienced English Teachers guide and train you to become fully equipped with knowledge of teaching English. From our founders to our highly educated TEFL experts, we understand exactly what you require from our TEFL training. We specialize in training teachers, designing English courses and lesson plans for future enthusiastic teachers to lead the world. 

As English continues to be the lingua franca of the international community, the demand for qualified English teachers is on the rise. Now teach English as a foreign language abroad and online from UNISA. 

UNISA’s TEFL Course Overview

The TEFL course offered by UNISA is designed to equip aspiring teachers with the knowledge and skills required to effectively teach English to non-native speakers. UNISA, a reputable distance learning institution, offers a flexible and comprehensive program that combines theoretical foundations with practical teaching experience.

TEFL Course Structure at UNISA 

The English teaching course at UNISA consists of an extensive lesson plan that covers a variety of topics and a series of modules related to English language teaching. The UNISA TEFL Course outline covers modules on English teaching methodology, Language skills development, complete grip over grammar and linguistics, language evaluation and intercultural competence. Following are these modules discussed in detail; 

Teaching Methodology 

At UNISA TEFL course different teaching methodologies are offered that includes task-based learning, active learning, communicative language techniques, phonology and pedagogical learning skills. You may gain insights into designing TEFL lesson plans. 

Linguistics and Grammar Learning 

Gain comprehensive knowledge of English grammar and phonetics that enhance your knowledge of phonology and linguistics. UNISA second language learning also includes enabling you to teach grammar to second learners and assist learners with understanding of language. 

Language Skills Development 

UNISA second language learning course develops a deep understanding of the four language skills that includes reading, writing, listening, and speaking. Learn techniques to help learners improve their language proficiency in each skill area.

 Evaluation and Assessment 

Explore different assessment techniques at TEFL learning UNISA and tools for evaluating learners’ language abilities. Further you can gain insights into providing constructive feedback to support learners’ progress. Conducting effective TEFL training for assessment and evaluation is important for enhancing second language learning.

How to Enroll for TEFL Course at UNISA

Follow these steps to enroll in the TEFL program at UNISA (University of South Africa):

  • Go to UNISA’s website. Visit UNISA’s official website at www.unisa.ac.za.
  • Investigate the TEFL course page. Go to the course area or utilize the hunt capability to find data about the TEFL course. Search for subtleties like course length, schedule, and course structure.
  • Next step is to check admission requirements. A high school diploma or other equivalent qualification and proficiency in English are common prerequisites.
  • Make an account with myUnisa. Create a myUnisa account on the UNISA website if you do not already have one. You will be able to use the UNISA application portal and other online resources with this account.
  • Sign in to myUnisa: Log into myUnisa with the information you used to create your account.
  • Next step is to send in your application. Find the “Apply for Admission” section or a similar option in your myUnisa account. Select the TEFL course as your preferred program and follow the prompts to finish the application structure.
  • Pay the fee for the application of the TEFL course.  In most cases, there is a fee for processing your application. To make the payment, follow the provided instructions. Remember that application charges are liable to change, so actually look at the ongoing expense on the UNISA site.
  • Await for acceptance and then access the UNISA TEFL Course materials by logging into myUnisa account.
  • In case of any further enquiry regarding enrollment procedures, you may visit the official website of UNISA  www.unisa.ac.za or you may visit the administrator office on campus. 

Practicum Component 

UNISA’s TEFL also inculcates a practicum component. Practicum component provides valuable teaching experience knowledge. This component provides an opportunity to the learners to directly observe the highly qualified and experienced teachers under whose guidance you can learn to a great level.This practical experience helps bridge the gap between theory and practice and prepares you for the actual teaching scenarios.

Benefits of taking TEFL Course at UNISA

Recognition of UNISA 

One of the most important benefits of taking the TEFL course at UNISA is that it is one of the most recognised institutions across the world. Teaching English as a foreign language certification is a crucial task. Getting certification from a certified university like UNISA adds to your experience. 

Global Opportunity 

UNISA is a globally recognised institution. Having TEFL Certification from UNISA promises global opportunities for the candidates. It also welcomes diverse cultures to come together to learn English and accept diversity. 


The UNISA TEFL Course offers a well reputable training program on foreign language learning for aspiring English teachers. It has a flexible open distance learning format that allows inclusivity and resilience.


  1. I have absolute passion and enthusiasm for training and development and wish to pursue an ETFL course with Unisa. Kindly advise the entry requirements, payment structure, course duration and when is the next intake.

    1. Martha Maumela :06.06.2024
      I have interest in the TEFL with unisa. Kindly advice about the entry requirements, total cost for the course, duration and the open administration date.
      Kind regards
      Mrs Maumela

  2. Hi there
    I am i interested in the TEFL course.
    Please indicate the admission requirements and the cost of the coursework. Also how many module’s must be completed

    Kind Regards
    Louise Hanekom

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