UNISA Banking Details and Payment Information

UNISA Banking Details and Payment Information

To facilitate convenience, UNISA offers multiple payment options to make the process easier for you. The information provided below explains the various payment methods, including payment channels, as well as details regarding refunds and other relevant information. If you choose to make an electronic transfer, please ensure that you accurately fill in the reference field. It’s important to note that money or bank deposits are not valid at any of the UNISA offices. Money can be easily deposited at any available current branch of FNB. 

Debit Cards:

  • For the convenience of students, Unisa accepts debit card payments as one of the available payment options. If you prefer to pay or register using a debit card, you can do so in person at any Unisa Regional office. By accepting debit card payments, Unisa acknowledges the prevalence and convenience of this payment method for many students. 
  • This payment option allows for seamless and secure transactions by deducting funds directly from the cardholder’s bank account. Visiting a Unisa Regional office enables students to make debit card payments in person, ensuring efficient and immediate processing. 
  • This allows students to complete their registration or payment processes without delay and receive immediate confirmation of payment. 
  • Unisa’s acceptance of debit card payments demonstrates their commitment to accommodating various payment preferences and providing flexibility for students. They strive to facilitate convenient and secure transactions to support students in their educational journey, whether through credit card or debit card payments.

Credit Cards:

  • When it comes to credit card payments at Unisa, it is important to note a few details. Unisa only accepts Visa and Mastercard for bank card remittancss. If you prefer to do your payment using a credit card, you can do so personally at UNISA’s offices in Sunnyside or Florida, or at any local center. 
  • Bank card payments made at these locations are processed in real-time, ensuring efficient and immediate transactions. This real-time processing allows for instant confirmation of payment, enabling students to promptly complete their registration or payment processes. 
  • By restricting credit card payments to Visa and Mastercard and facilitating real-time transactions, Unisa aims to provide a secure and streamlined payment experience for its students. 
  • If you prefer to use a credit card for payment or registration purposes, it is recommended to visit one of Unisa’s designated offices to ensure a smooth and timely exchange.

UNISA Digital Card Remittances

UNISA Digital Card Remittances
UNISA Digital Card Remittances

Unisa also offers web credit card payments through their secure site. To make a payment, you can visit the UNISA online transaction web address.

That web payment link not only allows you to pay fees but also enables you to pay library fines and other accounts. It is a secure site that ensures the safety of your transactions. 

These are instant online exchanges.

Funds Placement:

  • UNISA is recognized as a pre-approved public beneficiary.
  •  If you possess a student number, you can make bank deposits to settle various fees, such as education expenses,  exam expenses(including additional, unwell, or unique examination costs), exception charges, and fees for library usage.
  • It is crucial to accurately complete the deposit slip with the following details:

Deposit reference: The initial eight blocks must be dedicated to the student number. In case the student number comprises only seven digits, a “0” should be inserted as the first digit.

– Leave one block empty and then insert the corresponding code number for the fee type. 

Please make sure the deposit form is accurately completed with the subsequent details:

Deposit to: Unisa Student Fees

Deposit your fees to the UNISA account for student fees.

Distribute the initial eight segments to the student identification., followed by the appropriate code for the fees being paid.

  • Incomplete or incorrect information on the deposit slip may result in the rejection or delay of the transaction, for which the university cannot be held responsible.
  • Payments will be allocated to the study fees account within two (2) to ten (10) working days, making sure that all the details on the payment receipt are accurate.
  • Unisa does not accept cheques as a payment method.

Online Payments:

South African students utilizing First National Bank can make online reimbursements to UNISA, which is pre-approved as a public beneficiary.

The recommended bank for depositing your cash is the First National Bank.

After adding your account name as Student deposit account for UNISA, proceed to select your account number from the already approved list.

  • Regarding education costs, please use your roll number followed by a blank and the allocated number 5400374721 (for study fees). 
  • For SBL fees, use your student number followed by a space and the allocation number 3000774039
  • Similarly, for applications, use your student number followed by a space and the allocation number 5370810030
  • Students in South Africa can use the provided FNB Account (account number: 627 9963 0382) for both cash deposits and EFT payments.

Students in South Africa utilizing ABSA Bank can make EFT payments to Unisa, which is pre-approved as a public beneficiary.

The account name for the submission of the fee is Unisa Student Deposit

  • For education costs, use your roll number followed by a blank and the allocation number 5400374721.
  •  When it comes to SBL fees, use your student number followed by a space and the allocation number 3000774039. 
  • Likewise, for applications, include your student number followed by a space and the allocation number 5370810030. 

Employer/Wholesale Transactions, Supporters, Scholarships, Contributors, and Rapid Transactions:

Individual student EFTs and cash deposits are not accepted for these types of payments.
Deposit your payments to bank account of UNISA in cheque form.
For multiple transactions, a payment instruction document can be downloaded from the website.. 

Payment References for Various Fees:

  • Study fees: Please use your student number followed by a space and the allocation number 5400374721.
  • Library fees: Please use your student number followed by a space and the allocation number 5400374225.
  • Application fees: Please use your student number followed by a space and the allocation number 5370810030.
  • Matriculation exemption fees: Please use your student number followed by a space and the allocation number 5352X74608.
  • Student card fees: Please use your student number followed by a space and the allocation number 5400315164.
  • SBL tuition: Please use your student number followed by a space and the allocation number 3000774039.

Important Information:

  • It is crucial to provide complete and accurate payment details. Unisa will not be responsible for any delays in fund allocation or transfers to study fees accounts caused by incomplete or incorrect information.
  • Funds will be assigned within a span of two (2) to ten (10) business days upon receipt of the necessary details. A confirmation of payment (receipt or payment counsel) and a breakdown of the transaction (comprising complete names, identification digits, student IDs, and individual amounts) must be forwarded to the provided hyperlink on the website.
  • If a corporation or employer has the duty to cover your educational expenses, kindly provide evidence of the completed payment. 
  • For any questions regarding payments, kindly get in touch via email.


  • Written requests for reimbursements are required, and they must be endorsed by the student who is officially registered.
  • The refund form (in PDF format) is available for download through the link provided on the website.

The reimbursement form for international students is also available on the website.

  • Reimbursements shall be finalized within a span of 15 working days following the reception of the refund petition.
  • If there is a credit balance resulting from sponsors or bursaries paying more than the total study fees, the excess amount will be reimbursed to the respective person.

Note the following aspects:

Reimbursements will not be issued for credit balances below R100.00.
Documentation requirements for refund inquiries must be provided along with the essential paperwork, as outlined on the refund application.

General Information:

The college maintains the authority to refuse services to students with unsettled dues.
Only enrolled students will receive payment slips and account statements. It is the student’s duty to furnish these papers to the appropriate sponsor.

Important Payment Notice:

  • To prevent any delays in the allocation of your payment, application, and registration at Unisa, it is important to use the correct reference number.
  • When you’re submitting a payment, ensure that your student ID, which is an 8-digit number, is added first. After that, leave a space and then input your allocation reference.
  • By following this format, you can ensure a smooth processing of your payment and avoid any unnecessary complications.

For additional guidance on digital banking payments, refer to the “how-to” guide available on the website.
To learn how to make deposits using a Unisa ATM, refer to the “how-to” guide provided here: [Unisa ATM Deposits Guide](https://www.unisa.ac.za/static/corporate_web/Content/Apply%20for%20admission/Documents/Unisa-ATM-deposits.pdf)

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