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My Unisa Login

As a result of a recent Microsoft update, direct access to your myLife e-mail account while logged in to my UniSA has been discontinued.

To access your myLife email account, follow these new steps:

In times of high demand, it may take around 30 minutes for the new password to become active on the myLife service. If you encounter any issues even after resetting your password, kindly reach out for assistance by sending an email to [email protected] 

Claim UNISA Login

If you have already registered for the UNISA Login app, following steps should be followed to log in

  • In order to login to UNISA, visit the official college website. https://www.unisa.ac.za/sites/myunisa/default/
  • A Login page will appear before you.
  • Add your Username and password to login to your UniSA login.

UNISA Registration

UniSA Portal Registration and Login

If you have not registered for the UNISA Login, first register to it by clicking on the “Registration” link at the official website. 

This page will appear before you where you can apply for the course/degree you want to apply for.

Click on the course you want to apply for for its student portal registration:

Register for All types of Qualifications


For online registration you need the following:

Student Number:

To be eligible, you should either be a returning student or a first-time student at UniSA who has been accepted after a successful admission application.

E-mail Address:

UniSA offers a lifetime provision of a free email account for all registered students. If you haven’t activated your account yet, please take a moment to claim your UniSA Login.

Undergraduate Registration

  • For the undergraduate web registration, enter your valid Student number.
  • Enter your full name and your surname.
  • Select your date of birth and select next in order to proceed.

Step 1

Find your qualification and search for your modules of diploma. A page will appear before you where you can search for your qualifications 

Step 2 

In the next step calculate your fees which includes your study fee as well as other fees.

Before finalizing your module selection for registration, it is crucial to thoroughly evaluate the complete cost of your studies. The number of modules you can register for will be influenced by your financial capability.

The fees vary based on factors such as your qualification, the number of modules chosen, and other relevant considerations. These fees encompass prescribed student fees (including registration fees), miscellaneous fees, and charges for any supplementary study materials.

During the online registration process, you will have the opportunity to handpick your preferred modules and calculate the corresponding fees.

Step 3

Complete your registration process and submit it.

  • New applicants and existing Unisa students who have applied for admission to a new qualification can only proceed with registration if they have received an official placement offer from Unisa and have accepted it online. 
  • For re-registering students, it is essential to complete the registration process for the 2023 academic year within the specified registration period.
  • Once registered, all students are provided with a complimentary myLife e-mail address by the university. Activating this myLife email account is your responsibility and should be done promptly after finalizing your registration. 
  • Unisa recognizes only the myLife email account for all official correspondence to and from the university. It will also serve as the primary and official email address on record at Unisa.

Step 4

Now you have to pay your study fees to complete the registration process.

After filling out and submitting your registration form, it is essential to make payment for the fees you calculated in step 3.

All fees should be transferred to the designated UniSA official bank account with the accurate reference number. This ensures that the university can process your registration promptly, before the relevant closing date.

Step 5

The confirmation process for your registration might involve some waiting time. Utilize this period to proactively prepare for your upcoming studies. This includes familiarizing yourself with course materials, setting up a study schedule, and gathering necessary resources.

Once your preparations are complete, you can proceed to successfully log in to your UniSA portal. By making good use of this waiting period, you’ll be better equipped to engage with your courses once your registration is confirmed, enabling you to have a smoother and more productive academic journey.

 Stay proactive and ensure a seamless transition into your studies at UniSA.


In conclusion, the UNISA login process plays a crucial role in providing students with access to essential academic resources and services. Through a secure and user-friendly interface, students can register for courses, check grades, communicate with instructors, and access study materials. The convenience of online access enhances the learning experience, allowing students to manage their studies efficiently and stay informed. Embracing the UNISA login platform empowers students to take control of their education and pursue academic excellence with ease.

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