TFG Customer Care – Contact Details, Conversion, and Support

TFG Customer Care – Contact Details, Conversion, and Support

What is TFG?

In 1924, TFG started its operations. It is a South African based fashion and lifestyle corporation that consists of 34 retail brands. TFG has about 3400 outlets which are scattered in 26 countries around the globe. It offers multiple lifestyle products which include clothing, jewelry, cellphones, cosmetics, accessories, furniture and homeware items. The brands of TFG are youth fashion brands, jewelry and accessory brands, female and male fashion brands, value fashion brands(that offer products at reasonable prices), sports brands etc.

The things that differentiates TFG from other such corporations is its unique portfolio of 29 brands, its world-over spread and its policies to retain customers. 

Vision of TFG

The vision of TFG is based on its efforts to make its customers happy and satisfied. They work to create remarkable experiences for their customers. Through their products, they inspire their customers to live their best and most fashionable lives. They always put their customers first

TFG has a customer-centric mindset. They place their customers at the center of their operations and are always working to prioritize the customers needs and to fulfill the customers expectations. This proves the good TFG customer service. 

TFG Customer Care and Support

The TFG company acknowledges that every interaction with customers is an opportunity to create a lasting relationship with customers and to retain the customers. Their customer care strategies reflect their customer-centric philosophy, ensuring that customers feel valued.

TFG Customer Care – Contact Details, Conversion, and Support

It engages with the customers proactively. They seek feedback through surveys, conduct research, and collect all the data to gain valuable information about the customer preferences and issues being faced.

Customer Care Team

TFG has a skilled and knowledgeable team. The company understands that the employees are the face of the company and that they represent the company in front of customers. Thus they work especially on the behavior of their employees with the customers. They invest heavily in hiring and training their employees that are skilled and knowledgeable. 

These employees inherit excellent communication skills and have a deep understanding of the TFG ‘s products to guide the customers accordingly. They are trained to solve all sorts of customers’ queries, concerns, and complaints and thus provide them with appropriate solutions.

The employees are trained to provide timely and efficient support to the customers. They work to resolve the queries of customers as soon as possible. They handle all the complaints efficiently, escalating them to the appropriate departments if necessary. Through such steps of TFG customer service, it clears its commitment to customer satisfaction and to enhance their overall shopping experience.

Contact Details

If you are facing any issues with the products of TFG or if you have any queries related to their products or the delivery of their products or if you are having any issues accessing their website, you can directly contact them via different channels that are available on their website. You will be guided through those contact channels about your queries and problems. Their employees try to provide you with the quickest solutions. Your feedback is also valued by them. 

Following are mentioned the TFG contact details:

Investor inquiries: If you are an investor in the company or your brand wants to invest in this corporation, you may want more information about the process or you may be facing some issues. For such a situation you can contact their chief financial officer directly. His name is Bongiwe Ntuli and the TFG whatsapp number number is 

+27 21 938 1911.

You can also get benefitted through the following link:

[email protected]

Media Inquiries: If you want to know more about their media or have any queries or complaints related to the media, you can reach them via following link:

[email protected]

Corporate Gift Cards: If you want to know more about corporate gift cards, you contact them directly on the following TFG head office contact number: 

+27 21 928 6738

Or you can click on the link given below

[email protected] 

Group Marketing: If you need to know more about group marketing or have any inquiries related to it, you can contact the company on the following TFG contact number

+27 21 928 6738

Or you can click on the link given below

[email protected] 

Account Inquiries: As a customer or as an investor, if you want to know about the accounts for your payments or if you are facing any issues with the payments, you can contact on their following TFG contact numbers:

Republic of South Africa: 0860 037 755

Non-South Africa: +27 21 938 7560

Or you can get to know more about account details and solutions to your account inquiries through the following link:

[email protected] .

Customer Services: For customer support, TFG provides various means to contact them. This is because customers are the first priority of TFG and TFG is a customer–centric company. Thus they always value the feedback and comments of their customers and try to resolve their issues as soon as possible. Following are the TFG contact numbers for customer services:

Republic of South Africa: 0860 834 834

Non-South Africa: +27 21 938 7096

Or you can get more information via the following link:

[email protected] 

Their timings for customer services are as follows:

Monday to Saturday: 08:30 – 21:00

Sunday: 09:00 – 19:00

Physical Address: For customers that do not feel comfortable getting information or getting issues resolved online or the customers that couldn’t get fruitful results from the above contact channels, can directly visit their office and get their queries answered. The address is as follows:

Stanley Lewis Centre

340 Voortrekker Road

Parow East 7500

Cape Town

South Africa.

Postal Address: You can also post your queries to their postal address which is

PO Box 6020

Parow East 7501

Cape Town

South Africa.


TFG values its customers and understands the importance of TFG customer care. They try their best to satisfy their customers in the best possible ways. They have various contact channels via which their customers can contact them and get their queries answered. The ease and satisfaction of customers is what matters the most to TFG.

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