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How to Apply and Upload Documents at TUT

Tshwane University of Technology

The Tshwane Institute of Technology is a prestigious school of higher learning in Pretoria, South Africa. TUT’s several campuses in the city of Tsinghua and neighboring regions provide a diverse range of postgraduate and undergraduate degrees in a variety of subjects of study. The institution is well-known for emphasizing pragmatic and real-world instruction in order to provide students with the abilities and skills required for professional success. 

TUT has sophisticated facilities to promote student study and research, including labs, libraries, and computer centers. TUT also participates fully in innovative projects and research, cultivating an environment of academic discovery and cooperation. TUT aspires to create a positive influence on the public through numerous outreach activities and collaborations as part of its philosophy of involvement in the community and social accountability.

How do I apply at TUT?

Prospective pupils may apply online or by mailing an Application for Admission form to the Tshwane University of Technology, Private Bag X680, Pretoria 0001.

Address for hand-delivery and in-person applications. All hand-delivered and in-person applications should be submitted to: 

Central Admissions Office Building 21-LG20 Pretoria Campus Staatsartillerie Road Pretoria West

Applications for the following campuses should also be posted or mailed to the locations listed above: 

  • Pretoria Campus, Arcadia Campus
  • Arts Campus
  • Ga-Rankuwa Campus
  • Soshanguve North,
  • The South Campuses are all available.

Applications for instant campus should be posted separately in this way:


The campus director Madiba drive 
Private bag * 11312POLOKWANE 
POLOKWANETel: 015-287-0700
1200Fax: 015-297-7609


The campus director Madiba drive 
Private bag * 11312MBOMBELA
MBOMBELATel: 013-745-3500/3603
1200Fax: 013-745-3512


The campus director 19 0R TAMBO ROAD 
Private bag * 11312eMALAHLENI
eMALAHLENITel: 013-653-3100
1035Fax: 013-653-3101

A fully filled out usage form, as well as the most recently acknowledged (no older than a year’s time) photocopies of the initial identity demonstration and (national) senior author certification and/or the greatest academic results, must be received by TUT before the specific finishing dates. Subsequent submissions will be accepted only if a room is accessible in the relevant programs. TUT can only accept a certain number of students for each program.​

Application requirements

Minimum general requirement for study at TUT

No one may be admitted as an apprentice in a TUT program unless the following requirements are met.

TUT’s general entrance criteria

  • A pass in English at the Senior Certificates level (minimum supplementary language; certain courses may need first or second language standing). 
  • Each course has unique entry criteria. 
  • Prospective students should be aware that the entrance standards for specific studies may vary from year to year. 
  • For certain initiatives, candidates will be required to take an entrance exam, which decides whether they can be accepted to the program or if they should register in a corresponding foundation course. 

The table below shows the levels of academic achievement necessary for admission to certain programs.

TUT Qualifications NSC – Profile Gaps ​

The revised NSC-G result format and the minimal entrance standards for TUT:

Rating code Rating marks 
7Outstanding achievement 80-100
6Meritorious achievement 70-79
5Degree substantial achievement 60-69
4Diploma adequate achievement 50-59
3Foundation moderate achievement 40-49
2Elementary achievemet 30-39
1Not achieved 20-29

TUT login upload document 

Can I upload my documents for TUT via email?

If you are unable to upload all corroborating papers online, please send them to [email protected]. Before scanning and exporting your papers, be sure that you include your student identification number exclusively in the heading line of the message and print it clearly on almost every document.

Is TUT still open for 2024 applications?

With enrollment for the 2024 freshman class beginning on January 20 of that year at the Tshwane University of Technology, the following relevant details will considerably assist learners in completing the enrollment processes as easily as feasible.

Online application form

Please attach a certified duplicate of your needed certificate in order for your qualification to be listed on your profile.

Senior certificate for an advanced diploma or diploma, a certificate for a B engineering or development certificate, and so on.

Uploading Documents Procedure:

Uploading Documents:

  • Scanned certified papers have to exceed 520 000 bytes in size.
  • To log in, go to https://tutprodi4ie.tut.ac.za/pls/prodi41/w99pkg.mi_login (use your student number and pin).
  • Visit Certificate Seen
  • Click on the appropriate document’s Load/View Documents button, for example, ID Document.
  • On the pop-up menu, select Upload Documents.
  • Click Browse to look for the file you want on your computer.
  • Select Save.
  • Your file has been uploaded.

Kindly refrain from posting the same file more than once.​

Step 02 

  • Please double-check your email, phone number, or address before submitting an online application.
  • To change your contact information, follow the steps below:
  • Sign in with the ITS system.
  • Select Graduation. 
  • Select Communication details and Information validation (Postal Address) from the menu.
  • Change it to reflect your current, pertinent information.

Step 03 

Fill out the online request for eligibility issuance.

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