Tracking Your TUT Application Status Check 2023

Tracking Your TUT Application Status

Candidates frequently wish to know the progress of their TUT admission as quickly as possible. The earlier you know, the faster you can proceed with the application procedure. Learn where and when you are going to get news on your TUT application.

Candidates who want to study at TUT must first fill out an online form. Following that, you will be notified of the following stages within a couple of weeks or days. According to the program and the admissions standards, certain candidates may be required to fill out and submit additional papers through mail or fax. Continue reading for more details on how to monitor the progress of your TUT application and what happens next after submission.

What is TUT and its application process?

One of the top universities in South Africa, Tshwane University of Technology, has branches in Mbombela, Soshanguve, Polokwane, Ga-Rankuwa, Pretoria.

Numerous graduate and undergraduate degrees are available at TUT in a variety of areas of study, including mechanical engineering, business, the sciences, the liberal arts, and social science. TUT is dedicated to giving its students a top-notch education that equips them for a successful career in the global workplace, with an emphasis on creativity, entrepreneurial endeavors, and social engagement.

What is TUT and its application process

Each university has a unique application acceptance and rejection procedure. To find out where they stand in the process, candidates may review the progress of their application. Whether they have been approved or refused may be part of this.

What exactly is a TUT status checker?

You can check the progress of any online applications you have probably made to the Tshwane University of Technology using the TUT status checker.

Applicants frequently utilize a status checker to keep track of their applications, see upcoming due dates, and effectively plan how much time they have. Users may follow the progress of their applications using a status checker from the time they uploaded them until the application due date has passed.

All TUT online candidates can monitor their application status. The TUT portal is the best resource for finding a TUT application status checker.

How to view the progress of an application at TUT?

One of the most important phases of the admissions application procedure is to regularly check the progress of your applications. There are several methods to monitor the progress of a TUT application online.

To view application progress updates and other details about your application, you can connect to your TUT online enrollment account by following the below steps:

  • You may check the progress of the admissions process at the Tshwane University of Technology by visiting
  • To view the progress of your application and your enrollment number, enter your student identification number.
  • Additionally, you can provide your full name, date of birth, and last name before pressing the submit button.
  • Your reference code will display on a new page. You can see and download a copy of that letter while your progress is shown.

Identifying the various application replies:

It’s necessary to comprehend the various statements you could see while examining the status of your TUT application on iEnabler.

Such as “received” to indicate that the request has been successfully received and is currently under review. “Incomplete” indicates that more supporting materials are needed. “Pending” to indicate that your application is under evaluation, “Finalized” to indicate that an announcement has been made regarding your application. “Approved” indicates that TUT has concluded its evaluation of your application and granted admission. Within a couple of days, you may anticipate receiving a new notification on the status of your request. “Rejected” means your application has been denied by TUT if it has come to this stage, and you are ineligible for enrollment in any of the offered programs.

Check your progress on a daily basis, and if you’re facing any queries or issues, get in touch with the administration office.

How much time does TUT take to respond?

Usually, the Tshwane University of Technology answers requests for academic applications within 30 days.

However, before the thirty days window closes, you can obtain your final TUT enrollment status within the qualifying period. This indicates that your application may be delayed for some time as other requests are still being processed.

Getting an admissions offer:

If you get an admissions offer, it implies you’ve been selected as a student at TUT. On the other hand, if you receive a contingent offer of admission, it signifies that you have already satisfied the prerequisites for enrollment but that the request is still pending.

You typically have to fulfill a few conditions, so this happens. Reviewing the status of your application will allow you to monitor its development. The institution ought to send you a message with advice regarding how to proceed if you received a conditional offer of admission.

The further actions you must take in order to officially accept the offer will probably be included in this. You might need to finish all of the following:

  • Uploading an image of your identification and your academic transcripts.
  • Completing the payment of the tuition and admission costs.
  • Submitting evidence of linguistic ability.
  • Providing evidence that one satisfies the health standards.
  • Providing a copy of the Graduate Enrollment Conditions of Admission that have been signed.
  • Submitting a signed copy of the Master’s Enrollment Conditions of Admission.

Tshwane University of Technology Contact Information:

SMS Number: 30655 

Phone: 086 110 2421 

Mail: [email protected]


To keep track of your progress in the application procedure, you can view your application progress at TUT. It might also assist you in gaining an understanding of the typical turnaround time required by the institution to review and address the applications.

Some candidates may also be required to complete and submit additional papers via mail or fax, based on the program and the conditions for admission. TUT will contact you if your application has been received within a couple of weeks.

The institution may handle your application more quickly if there is a due date that is earlier than the one you selected. Once the conditions have been satisfied, you will get a formal admissions offer.

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