Step-by-Step Guide to UKZN Application – Forms and Process

Step-by-Step Guide to UKZN Application

UKZN has initiated the process of accepting online applications for the 2023 academic year. This opportunity extends to returning undergraduate students, individuals who have taken a gap year of study, local postgraduate applicants, postgraduate and undergraduate candidates.

Requirements for online application

To successfully complete your application;

  • 1. Submit your Identification card or passport copy.
  • 2. A copy of your A/Levels Certificate to be attached.
  • 3. If you are a foreign candidate, you must present evidence from Universities South Africa (formerly known as HESA) showing your qualification for enrollment in degree programs at universities in South Africa. For more details, kindly refer to the undergraduate brochure.
  • 4. Copies of your authenticated degree certificate(s), academic transcript, and letter of good conduct, in case you have previously enrolled at other educational institutions.
  • 5. Applicants from countries where English is not the primary language must submit evidence of their ability to communicate effectively in English.
  • 6. If your previous qualification(s) were obtained from foreign universities outside South Africa, you will need to obtain South African Qualifications Authority (SAQA) evaluations.
  • 7. If you are seeking admission to a Master’s program or PhD, kindly provide a research plan or suggested heading for your thesis or dissertation with the main terms replaced.
  • 8. International applicants must possess a valid study visa to pursue studies in South Africa.
  • 9. Before proceeding with the online application, please ensure that you have thoroughly reviewed the aforementioned guidelines.
  • 10. It is essential to have the necessary USAF/SAQA documents ready for upload in order to complete your application.
  • 11. When making the application fee payment, please remember to use the referencefollowed by your student number.
  • 12. Allow the system 24 to 48 hours to process and clear your payment.
  • 13. Submit your application by applying through 

UKZN How to Apply

Step-by-Step Guide to UKZN Application

Apply Online

To proceed to apply online for UKZN, Click on the red icon “Click here to apply” on the official website  To submit as a new student, click on continue in order to proceed.

  • First enter your valid South African identification number.
  • Add your previous UKZN Student number.
  • Write your full name (first and last).
  • Select your sex and add your birth date in the next space.
  • Enter your valid email address.
  • Enter your mobile number (eg. +27831234567) 
  • Enter your last year of high school.
  • Select if you have studied before in a tertiary institution.
  • Verify the CAPTCHA.
  • Now click continue to proceed your application process. 

Application Detail Confirmation

In this section you are asked to check your details before submitting your online pre-application request. Review your details thoroughly in order to eliminate any errors. 

If you want to change anything, go back to the previous step using the Back button at the bottom of this page

Or, Click the “Continue” button in order to process your pre-application request.

Unique Number

Once you click continue after reviewing your information, you will receive a unique number for office use only. 

  • A mail will be sent to the email address supplied, with further instructions regarding the application process.
  • Click on the embedded link, within this email in order to continue.
  • Click the link in order to complete the necessary biographical information required for commencement of your application to UKZN. 

Apply through CAO

To apply by the Central Application office, click on the link at the end of the page on the website saying “apply by CAO”. 

  • You will be guided to the CAO website.
  • Next click on “Check application” . This interface will be visible where you can apply through the central application office. 
  • Click on “Apply Now”.
  • Enter your Student Identification Number or passport number and click on submit button.
  • An instructions page will appear before you so that you can continue and proceed to apply. 

If you need any questions answered, select the HELP symbol and choose the option labeled “this link”. Once you understand the directions, click on “proceed with the Application”.

A form will appear before you; 

Personal Details: 

  • In your personal details, add your name and surname.
  • Insert your type of ID ( eg. South african ID)
  • Enter your date of birth. 
  • Insert your valid email address. 
  • You DO NOT have an email you must create one, then enter the newly created email address in the field above.

Address for Postal Deliveries 

  • Enter your country and postal code. 
  • Select your address type and PO Box Number.
  • Enter your suburb.
  • Enter your alternative postal address if there is an alternative or new postal address. (for CAO to use it letters are returned).

Phone Details

  • Enter your home area code and your number.
  • Enter Fax and your number.
  • Enter your valid cell phone number and select your country.
  • Reconfirm that you have read all the terms of service. Tick both boxes and click on next in order to proceed. 
  • Once your request is authorized, you will receive an email.


The KwaZulu-Natal University (UKZN) is a reputable institution of higher learning located in South Africa. UKZN is renowned for its dedication to scholastic distinction, exploration, and involvement with the community. With cutting-edge amenities, knowledgeable staff, and an active campus experience, UKZN offers learners a favorable atmosphere for advancing their academic and individual growth objectives.

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